It’s simple math: a relaxed baby means a relaxed father. Our onesies and hat sets are made to keep your baby comfy and warm, while making you proud.

What’s included in the pack? 

 1 x baby swaddle blanket 

 1 x baby knotted hat

Modern dads want to give their input on what clothes their baby wears. Big Baby Brands tend to ignore dads' taste, leaving them excluded from such a connecting experience. 

We’re putting an end to that.


Baby Gown
Swaddle Pack

Introducing Manfords: The first baby brand selling dad approved baby clothes. 

 We help dads by supplying four essential goods for the comfortable and safe early development of a new child.The swaddle, night gown and short and long-sleeve onesies are products made to comfort the baby while giving the dad a clean design to be proud looking at.