Introducing ... Manfords!

The first brand that sells dad-approved baby gear

Modern dads want to give their input on what clothes their baby wears. Big baby brands ignore dads' taste, leaving them excluded from such a connecting experience. 

We’re putting an end to that. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Why Manfords?

We help dads by supplying four essential goods for the comfortable and safe development of a baby.

Our swaddles, night gowns, and onesies comfort the baby and include modern and simplistic designs that dads love. 

  • 3-day shipping to all of the USA

  • Top quality that all dads approve 

  • Initiatives that give voice to dads

The Men Behind Manfords.

Our Products

Short-Sleeve Onesie + Hat Set

Short-Sleeve Onesie Pack
Long-Sleeve Onesie + Hat Set
Long-Sleeve Onesie Pack

Baby Gowns

Baby Gown

Swaddle + Hat Set

Swaddle Pack

So what're you waiting for? It's time to support the dad movement.