Short-Sleeve Onesie Pack

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*Please disregard the slight difference in color shown in the images. Items in the set are the exact same color. See images below*

What’s included?

1 x baby short-sleeve onesie

1 x baby knotted hat

Shirts and shorts are a thing of the past.

No more complication of having both a shirt and pants. Manfords Onesies are perfect for babies on the move: they are comfortable and practical, and also support dads in the process.

Let’s be honest - dirty diapers are no fun. On top of them ruining a good time, you shouldn’t need to feel like Christopher Columbus in order to find them.

What’s so good about it?

- Fool-proof diaper access

- Snug fit - Manfords onesies are true to size

- Lightweight and breathable

- Comfy and Loose - baby play time levels up